Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud Kits, by Mishimoto

Aluminum Fan Shrouds

Mishimoto has developed a new line of performance aluminum fan shroud kits. The Mishimoto aluminum fan shroud kits are a direct OEM fit and include Mishimoto slim electric fans. All Mishimoto aluminum fan shrouds are significantly lighter and more durable than standard OEM shrouds. They will notably improve engine cooling performance by delivering more air to the aluminum radiator and driving out excess heat. Importantly, Mishimoto aluminum fan shroud kits will safely secure the fan blades from potentially damaging other vital engine components.
What is the purpose of a fan shroud?

Fan shrouds can increase the efficiency of the cooling system by allowing the fan to draw air more evenly across the core of your radiator. So instead of a fan just pulling air across its diameter, a shroud enables the fan to pull air from the entire area of the core and out through the back of the fan. Fans should be mounted slightly off the face of the core when possible. When using a fan shroud you should try to mount fans about 1-2 inches off the face of the radiator core.

What better way to complement a Mishimoto radiator than with a unique aluminum fan shroud. The Mishimoto lightweight fan shroud offers the flexibility of mounting on a stock radiator as well as on one of our aluminum radiators. The radiator fan shroud plays a key role in directing air from the fan to the entire core of the radiator. The Mishimoto aluminum fan shroud is lightweight and includes our signature high-CFM fans, which will cool anything you throw at them. An aluminum fan shroud is a wise investment for any cooling system.
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