Ford Mustang GT/Cobra Street Thermostat, 1986-1995

Model: MMTS-MUS-86A
The Mishimoto street thermostat for the 1986-1995 Ford Mustang will promote greater cooling efficiency for daily driven engines. Once the engine is fully warmed up the Mishimoto street thermostat will open up at a slightly lower temperature than OEM thermostats, allowing the coolant to flow through the engine sooner thus reducing and maintaining cooler engine temperatures. The Mishimoto street thermostat is specifically engineered to maintain optimal temperatures for daily street driving conditions.

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Ford Mustang GT/Cobra Street Thermostat, 1986-1995 - MMTS-MUS-86A - Mishimoto

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Mishimoto Activation Temperature
82° C

OEM Activation Temperature
88° C

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Engine Code
302ci (5.0L)

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Accident Protection

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Fitment Disclaimer

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