Powersports Cooling Accessories by Mishimoto

Powersports Cooling Accessories

Mishimoto has developed a line of cooling accessories to complement our performance aluminum radiators, patented X-Braced radiators, and silicone hose kits. Keep your dirt bike or ATV cool with a quality electric radiator fan, radiator cap, heat defense tape, and other accessories. Our premium Mishimoto accessories will satisfy the requirements for a superior, longer-lasting engine.
Mishimoto has developed cooling accessories to function along with the Mishimoto dirt bike radiators and dirt bike radiator hoses. Stock radiator caps for dirt bikes are typically very low pressure, and under tough conditions coolant can begin to bleed out. Mishimoto offers high pressure radiator caps that keep coolant in the radiator, perfect for riders who race their bikes on a track or go off-road. Mishimoto Liquid Chill radiator coolant additive gives riders a chance to increase the cooling performance of a Mishimoto aluminum radiator by up to 30 degrees. Mishimoto Heat Wrap is a protective tape that will reflect additional heat away from important engine components. Every accessory in the Mishimoto Powersports line is crafted to provide riders with the greatest level of bike performance.

Powersports Cooling Accessories

This fan can be used as an upgrade...
Price: $70.00

The Mishimoto universal fan mount kit is used...
Price: $14.00

Mishimoto Liquid Chill® radiator coolant additive is a...
Price: $20.00

Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap will help reduce engine...
Price: $70.00

Mishimoto Stainless Steel Locking Ties are designed to...
Price: $10.00

Mishimoto has developed a carbon fiber radiator cap...
Price: $40.00

Mishimoto Heat Defense Tape can be used to...
Price: $95.00

Mishimoto Heat Defense Tape can be used to...
Price: $50.00

A perfect replacement for your OEM radiator cap,...
Price: $65.00

Getting the most out of your performance parts...
Price: $25.00

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