Marcel Uhlig

Name: Marcel Uhlig
Hometown: Germany
Vehicle: Streetstylez / Kaido-Autosport Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Website: Facebook Fan Page
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Why do you race?
Racing is for me the only opportunity to bring my car to the border line of what is possible. Every time I am in my race car I realize this is my passion and there is nothing else I want to spend my time for.

What does the start of your day entail?
First thing is an heavy breakfast then I head to the office to check my mails. During the day I check the news around the drift scene world wide. Later that day I have some calls to my team to clarify some technical things around the race car. Mostly in the afternoon I keep contact to different race series and sponsors to be all time up to date. After work I go home or meet some friends.

How much time do you dedicate to practice between events?
Unfortunately I don't have that much time to practice between races because I work in Finland and my car is in Germany but we will improve this in 2013.

What do you do to stay in shape during the season?
I go to the gym 3 times a week but sometimes I miss it. :)

Where do you practice when at home?
Sometimes we rent a old military airfield in Bautzen/ East Germany.

Any funny road trip stories from your career?
There are lots of cool trips during the race season but one of the greatest was the trip to Monza in Italia ( distance 1200km) because our truck is an old VW transporter with only 77hp diesel engine. The whole truck including trailer has a weight of 5000kg so you can imagine how slow we had to drive up the hills. It was first gear with 7 mp/h :). It was summer and on the top it began to snow because we had to drive through the Alps. But in the end it was a great trip and we had lots of fun.

Is there any other sport you actively participate in?
No because racing takes all my attention.

Are there any sponsors or specific people out there you would like to thank for helping you get to the races?
Yes there is,,, and Car Concept motorsport.

If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring one movie and one CD, what would they be?
For the reason that there will be no dvd or cd player I will take a magazine with me J, I will take the Business Punk magazine.

What would be on the plate of your last meal ever?
My moms home made Christmas food. :)

Your biggest pet peeve(s)?
When I make an appointment with someone and he is not there at time.

What music do you listen to?
Hip Hop and everything similar.

One item you never leave the house without.
Of course my mobile phone.

Favorite sports team?
Uhlig #33, hahaha!

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Have a great time with my friends and everything that has wheels or an engine.
Mishimoto Nissan 240SX Racing Thermostat SR20 Engine
Mishimoto Nissan Skyline R33 Performance Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Intercooler in V-Mount position
Mishimoto Heat Defense Heat Protective Tape - 2" x 35' Roll & Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap Set
RB25det complete rebuild (Wiseco pistons, Manley rods, ACL Bearings)
Nismo timing belt
HKS head gasket
Infinity Q45 Throttle Body
Link G 4 Engine management
Gyzzmo boost controller
Garret GT3076R turbocharger
Complete custom made exhaust system including exhaust manifold
SARD Fuel Injectors, 555cc
Competition Clutch 6 Paddle clutch
Fuel pump Bosch 044
AEM filter
And tons more goodies!

Suspension & Brakes
HSD Suspension Coilovers
Drift Works
Camber Arms
Tension Rods
Traction Rods
Hicas Bar
Ksport Big Brake System

Wheels & Tires
Rota Grid Drift: 9,5x18 front, 9,5x18 rear
Tires: 245/40/18 front, 245-265/40-35/18 rear

Aerokit front bumper
Aerokit side skirts
Aerokit rear skirt
Aerokit rear widefenders
A-Max custom made front widefenders (+140mm)
Car Design – Graffiti by Rebel Art
Sparco racing seats
Ksport hydraulic hand brake
Car Concept Motorsport roll cage
TOP Fuel & AEM gauges
Gizzmo Boostcontroller

Gymkhana Drift Cup:
May 18-20 - Round 1, German Racewars Eisenach

International Drift Series:
June 01-03 - Round 2, Vandel DK
July 27-29 - Round 3, Lausitzring Germany
September 22-24 - Round 4 Soznova CZ
October 12-14 - Round 5, Nürburgring Grand Prix Course

Ken Blocks Gymkhana Grid Europe Tour:
September 07-08 - Oschersleben Germany Sport 1 Trackday

Promotion and Show:
May 25-27 - VW Car Meet Bautzen Germany
May 27 - XS Car Night Dresden
August 03-05 - Reisbrennen Oschersleben Germany

Ksport Suspension
Car-Concept Motorsport


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