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NOS Energy Drink Hankook Tire 370Z

Chris Forsberg's NOS Energy Drink Hankook Tire 370Z


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Name: Chris Forsberg

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Location: Baltimore, Maryland






Nissan VK56


Why do you race? I drift for the sheer love of speed and adrenaline.What does the start of your day entail? I start every day with a good breakfast. Then, depending on if it’s a track day or not, I work out. I skip the workout on track days so that I don’t end up being sore.How much time do you dedicate to practice between events? Hardly ever, it is more important that our car be in perfect running condition than for us to go to the track and beat on it all the time.What do you do to stay in shape during the season? I do a variety of workouts; I also ride bicycles whenever possible.Where do you practice when at home? If we ever do test it is generally at Irwindale Speedway or Willow Springs Raceway.Any funny road trip stories from your career? I have crossed the country over 10 times now… there are too many stories to try to pinpoint one.Is there any other sport you actively participate in? No, drifting occupies 100% of my time.Are there any sponsors or specific people out there you would like to thank for helping you get to the races? I would like to thank all of my sponsors, past and current. All my family and friends who have been so helpful and supportive over the years. And of course, Kevin Wells and Sergio Ramirez for being the best crew in drifting.If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring one movie and one CD, what would they be? I would bring Castaway cause if Tom Hanks can survive and escape the island, so can I! Who owns CD’s anymore?What would be on the plate of your last meal ever? Some sort of surf and turf combo because who cares how expensive it is at that point.Your biggest pet peeve(s)? Crooked silverware at the table.What music do you listen to? Rock and roll mainly but a little dance music here and there never hurt anyone.One item you never leave the house without. Can’t really say “never” cause I’m constantly forgetting my keys and my wallet at home.Favorite sports team? L.A. Galaxy.What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? I love riding bicycles, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends.

Suspension, & Brakes

Suspension - ST 3-way Competition Coilovers, Voodoo13 Knuckles and Arms Brakes - ASD Handbrake, Rotor Hats and Caliper Mounts, Wilwood Pedals, Calipers, and Rotors


2015 Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 1 | STREETS OF LONG BEACH | Long Beach, CA | April 10 - 11 Round 2 | ROAD TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP | Braselton, GA | May 8 - 9 Round 3 | UNCHARTED TERRITORY | Orlando, FL | June 5 - 6 Round 4 | THE GAUNTLET | Wall, NJ | June 26 - 27 Round 5 | FUJI | Fuji, Japan | July 11 - 12 Round 6 | THROWDOWN | Monroe, WA | July 24 - 25 Round 7 | SHOWDOWN | Fort Worth, TX | August 21 - 22 Round 8 | CANADA | Autodrome St. Eustache | September 6 - 7 Round 9 | TITLE FIGHT | Irwindale, CA | October 9 - 10 Round 10 | CHINA | TBD | TBD


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Recaro HANS SPA Kevlar seats, Takata 6 point Harnesses


Tires - Hankook Ventus RS-3 F: 245/50/18 R: 265/40/18 Wheels - SSR GTF01 F: 18x8.5 R: 18x9.5
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