Classic Ford Trucks

Classic Ford Trucks

Whether your Classic Ford truck is a daily driver and you're in search of dependable quality, or you’re a devoted racer building a highly modified truck in need of lightweight performance parts, Mishimoto has you covered. We’re proud to offer factory-fit aluminum radiators and direct-fit low temperature thermostats for your classic Ford truck. Trust Mishimoto to provide the best in performance and reliability for your Ford truck.

Ford F-100 (300) Thermostat, 1970–1979...

Regular Price: $31.20

Sale Price $24.95

Ford F-100 3-Row Performance Aluminum Radiator, 197...

Regular Price: $546.00

Sale Price $409.95

Ford Truck (Chevrolet V8 Swap) 3-Row Performance Al...

Regular Price: $592.80

Sale Price $444.95

Ford Pickup 3-Row Performance Aluminum Radiator, 19...

Regular Price: $540.80

Sale Price $405.95