2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series, Part 7: Rear Suspension

Check out the seventh segment of the Mishimoto 2016 Camaro SS video review series! In this video we provide a neat look at some of the unique features on the rear suspension of the ’16.

Our next video will include details about the braking system of our SS.

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2 thoughts on “2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series, Part 7: Rear Suspension”

  1. Awesome videos. I agree that most bushing should be upgraded as the rubber stock ones aren’t quite suited for the tq and hp the Camaro SS puts down even stock. Also, note that some have had issues with the rear differential. I suspect changing the bushings may help that. GM says to change the fluid, but as I’ve seen from others the problem comes back. Great work Mishimoto.

    1. Thanks for the kinds words! Yes, I personally am a proponent of replacing some of that rubber. Even on a daily driver, there are certain bushings on a high-performance vehicle that are better served as more solid pieces, even if that means a bit more NVH. But who doesn’t want to hear and feel the power of an SS while you’re behind the wheel?!


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