Building Endurance – Performance Radiator Kit R&D, Part 3 – Auxiliary Radiator Design Plans


Team: a group of persons associated in work or activity, striving for a common goal. Yes, the auxiliary coolers on the 2020+ Toyota Supra aren’t what you’d consider being “persons,” but the sentiment remains. Keeping the B58 operating within temperature is a group effort, and all members, no matter how small, do their part. These auxiliary radiators play an essential role in the cooling process at each end of the spectrum, so it’ only makes sense that they would also receive a similar overhaul to our primary radiator.

The overall height of the core design is slightly shorter than stock, but our thicker core combined with the offset fins will more than make up for that.

Since these auxiliary pods are performing the same function as the primary radiator, the formula is the same – bigger. Even though these coolers are much smaller than the primary unit, the slightest adjustment in size can have a positive effect on the cooling properties. The challenge, though, is the location and means of mounting these pods, which is housed in a metal frame. For that, we’re limited on space to expand into, though Jason still plans on a 48% increase in core thickness out to 40mm. Combined with the use of the same fin design as the primary radiator, we’re planning for improved heat dissipation properties on all three points in the Supra’s cooling system.

Our planned auxiliary pod design will keep some OEM features on the end tanks, but we are planning on an all-aluminum makeover. Our new tanks will be TIG-welded to the improved core but keep the same locations for the inlets, along with the mounting pegs to reduce as much complication from the installation as we could. We also made sure that the OEM rock guards would also fit our new design for more than just the apparent reason. Yes, they will help prevent road debris from puncturing the tubes, but also they help seal the cores against the ducts. Without the guards, there’s a potential for air to flow around the core instead of through the fins.

With the plans set, our new cooling team is ready to tackle any amount of heat that the Supra can throw at them. Make sure to stay tuned for the first look at our new design in the flesh and how they perform when we put them to the test.


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