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Heritage Revamped – Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit R&D, Part 2 – Prototyping

Heritage isn't something that pops up overnight. It's a long, arduous process that can take decades to develop fully. Specifically speaking, it takes time to be proven in the automotive world and compile a pedigree as lengthy as the Corvette. Since the 1950s, Chevy has put in the work and continues to push the 'Vette's limits, pushing it into near supercar territory. All that hard work, however, could be snubbed by some carbon crusted intake valves. So, while the Corvette works on proving itself in the mid-engine realm, we'll continue to prove ourselves by protecting its engine with … Continue Reading ››

Speed Evolved – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

While it may have seemed like millions of years since this project began, in only a few short months, our Supra intake's evolution is nearing completion. We've watched it dig its way out of the ocean on to dry land and sprout legs, but now is the time to see if it can breathe out of the water.

Testing intake kits is a multistep process here at Mishimoto. There's more to an intake kit than just a dyno run and pulling the best result from a series of power pulls. For starters, the Supra's ECU … Continue Reading ››

Live on the Limit – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

It's true what they say, failing to plan is planning to fail, especially when it comes to pushing your vehicle to the limits. As we covered in the first post, the MX-5 Miata is designed for being pushed to the ragged edge, and driving so close to a vehicle's limit requires some preparation. Surely, Mazda put some extensive engineering behind the Miata's cooling system, but even still, it can have some trouble keeping up once you put the hammer down. When it comes to our radiator design, we plan to improve the NC's endurance.

Tailored Fit – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

In the age of reality TV, it's almost impossible not to have watched at least one of those makeover shows. Whether it's housing, fashion, tattoos, or even cars, the formula is the same. Old and ugly comes in, and the fixers jump right into the action. Right away, there's a plan to fix it, followed by some shots of the experts looking intently at the problem, making sketches, and diving into the project before cutting to commercial. If our MK7 Volkswagen Golf TSI/GTI/R radiator project was one of those shows, this is precisely where we would be. Our … Continue Reading ››

Clamp Down – Quick Release Clamp Assembly R&D

Clamps don’t get the recognition that they deserve. It might seem like a mundane subject, but in reality, it’s quite a diverse world of clamping out there. An adequately tightened worm-gear could be the line between a solid day at the track or leaking boost pressure or coolant. We here at Mishimoto wanted to put our mark on the clamp world, which led us to create our Quick Release Clamp Assembly.

Why would you need this new fangled clamp? Why would you weld in a clamping system rather than source some couplers and standard clamps? … Continue Reading ››