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Chill Out – Coolant Basics and why not to Mix them

Keeping your engine temperature in check is essential to your vehicle running at peak performance. Overheating can lead to gasket failures or even warping and damage to critical engine components. Here at Mishimoto, we have plenty of experience keeping your engines cool through hardware, but we rarely dive into the coolant running through the heat exchangers and cooling passages.

The mixing of these various coolant makeups is often debated since some play nice with each other, while others will cause trouble within your cooling system. Before we get into that, let’s dive into the different … Continue Reading ››

Lead the Charge – Performance Charge Pipe R&D, Production Sample, and Testing Results

To stay in front of the pack, you need some endurance. That is, the components of your A90 Supra need to hold up to the various pressures the B58 can produce. As we went over in our last post, we have some experience with bursting BMW charge pipes, so we wanted to continue the tradition of added durability and performance to the Supra.

Also, in our last post, we covered our plans for the Supra charge pipe’s new design, but let’s review now that our production sample is here in the … Continue Reading ››

Soul Transplant – Baffled OIl Catch Can R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Prototyping

The news of the departing Ford hatchbacks left a hole in many enthusiast's hearts. For us here in the States, that means no more compact speed demons, finished with bulging bucket seats and manual gearboxes. The balance of power and practicality bearing the blue oval is gone. Or is it?

Enter the Explorer ST. Ford didn't delete the ST line. They just matured it a bit and crammed the essence of a hot hatchback into a full-sized, family-friendly SUV. It's a combination that shouldn't work, but the 400 hp and surprisingly nimble handling is sure … Continue Reading ››

Heavier Breathing – Race Intake Kit R&D, Part 2 – Prototyping

The FK8 Civic Type R is bred for the track. Sure, you see these auspiciously styled Civics roaming the streets and highways, but you don’t set front-wheel-drive lap records at the Nurburgring being developed for comfort. If the performance brakes and tires, styling, and big shot K20C1 weren’t already enough, enthusiasts are still demanding more from their CTRs. A demand that we’re here to fulfill.

In our last post, we covered our plans for the new race intake, but no … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Induction – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

BMW’s M division is renowned for delivering the utmost pinnacle of automotive performance. That’s no secret. For decades, the letter M has become synonymous with the perfect distribution of performance and luxury, with the M3 topping the charts in the compact class. It’s the benchmark in terms of enthusiast vehicles. Being a driver’s car means, though, means that we enthusiasts can’t keep our hands out of the engine bay. We need to fiddle and tweak even the likes of the G8X M3/M4 until it perfectly matches our tastes. That tinkering typically starts with the intake system.