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Practically Cool – Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

Practicality comes in many forms in the automotive world. From the towering full-size SUVs to the micro hatchbacks, there’s a version of practicality that suits everyone. For most, the mid-sized sedan fits that vision, which is where the 2018+ Honda Accord shines. Not only does it deliver four doors, cavernous trunk space, and plenty of legroom, but also two potent turbocharged engines and the option to row through the gears manually. The 2018+ Accord provides practicality tailored to the enthusiast.

There is, however, one aspect that stifles the potential of both the 1.5T and 2.0T … Continue Reading ››

Motor Cameo – Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Design Plans

It’s happened to all of us at least once. You’re rewatching one of your favorite cinematic adventures from years ago when you spot an actor that is now a mega-star, but in a much younger state, performing in one of their break out roles, or even just making a cameo. While this performance might not match this actor’s current performance level, or could even be cringy at times, it’s what gave them their shot at making it big. The same could be said about the Nissan 350Zs sporting the VQ35HR. While its performance never falls under the “cringy” … Continue Reading ››

Building Endurance – Performance Radiator Kit R&D, Part 5 – Auxilliary Radiator Production Sample

When it comes to keeping the Supra cool, it's a team effort. True, the primary radiator is the team captain, but if you recall from our first post, the cooling strategy for the B58 means every component is a key player. To make sure the entire team plays well together when you put the hammer down, we gave the same special attention to the auxiliary radiators. Our production samples are in, so let's take a look at the new design.

On the whole, … Continue Reading ››

Building Endurance – Performance Radiator Kit R&D, Part 4 – Primary Production Sample

When it comes to athletes, it's all about continuous improvement. Tireless training, coupled with the latest gear, ensure that athletes stay on top of their game. When it comes to the petrol-powered athlete that is the A90 Supra, the Mishimoto primary radiator is essentially a combination of the two, building the car's endurance with a shiny new piece of gear. Before we dive into how the new radiator performs though, let's take a look at our primary radiator production sample.

The most obvious improvement … Continue Reading ››

Coming in Clutch – DCT Cooler R&D – Concept to Completion

It’s strange the path that automotive technology takes sometimes. Typically, it’s a trickle-down effect. Top-tier race vehicles and techno-packed supercars are first in line for the latest and greatest gadgets. In the case of the dual-clutch transmission, it was a VW Golf (well, technically an R32) that was responsible for the trickle-up of the modern DCT into sports cars, like your F8X M3 or M4. Even with a non-conventional path to the M3, the Getrag paired with the S55 still needs to regulate temperature to operate to its true potential.

Why does the transmission temperature … Continue Reading ››