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Daditude – Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 4 – Dyno Results

A makeover is typically more about appearances. However, what’s the use of all those cool new clothes, and the dramatic spin in the barbershop chair, if the subject in question is going around with the same dull attitude? It might be better if the general demeaner can meet and compliment the modern new look. The case is the same as with the 2.0T Accord. It recently received a fresh new look, with plenty of new gadgets, but was still a little too much on the comfortable side for some. This is supposed to be the bad boy of … Continue Reading ››

Rad, White, and Blue – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

We’ve all seen wildlife documentaries. David Attenborough delicately narrating as the mighty lion sits slumped in the savanna surrounded by potential prey, but he’s just too hot to move. The same scene can be witnessed in the sweltering tarmac savanna here on American soil with the C7. Plenty of open space to run, the other beasts scatter at the sound of the ‘Vette’s deafening roar, yet it sprawls out in the pit, panting and trying to catch its breath.

With a 650 hp supercharged V8, you could say that … Continue Reading ››

Top Contender – Street Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 2 – Production Sample and Test Results

Turbo boxer has a nice ring to it. It’s perfect for one of those boxing games found in a retro arcade. Then again, Top Contender probably fits best, but I called dibs on that. Really though, Turbo boxer is a great descriptor for the WRX’s powerplant. Much like those retro arcade games, tuning and modding your Subaru is all about finding the right combination for the hardest hitting punch, with the intercooler being an integral part of that proverbial button sequence.

We last left you … Continue Reading ››

Poster Boy – Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 4 – Dyno Testing

When you’re the face of the modified Euro scene, the ideas of tunes, and maps and cranking up the boost buzz around you. However, an increase in boost isn’t complete without an effective method to keep the charged air cool. As we went over in the first post, the stock tube-and-fin unit can only take you so far, and an upgrade would be needed to climb the ladder with your GTI.

We gave you a glimpse at our new design in the flesh. … Continue Reading ››

Know Your Tanks – Tech Blog: Coolant Overflow Tank vs. Expansion Tank

Back in the good ‘ol days (aka the infancy) of liquid cooled engines, just about all of the emissions systems would vent chemicals and harmful vapors to the atmosphere. No PCV or CCV lines, no catalytic converters, just dribbling coolant and blow-by all across the roadways. It was great for the cars, but not so great for the world around us (sorry ozone). As environmental restrictions tightened, manufacturers had to develop ways to keep the byproducts of the internal combustion and cooling chemicals inside the car.