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Legendary Cooling – 2005-2012 C6 Corvette Performance Radiator, Part 1 – Stock Review

When you look back on America’s history in the realm of speed, it seems that we’re only known for one thing—straight-line speed. Our obsession with muscle cars has left the impression on the rest of the world that we here in the US are a little timid around corners. Anyone who knows anything, though, can always name one American car that can take that beeline grunt around the hairpins. The Corvette. 110317_NLT_C6_Rad_WEB_6 Chevrolet has been fixated since 1953 on being able to pilot one of their big crate motors safely around the bends. Using … Continue Reading ››

Intercooler Sandwich – 2015+ VW MK7 GTI/Golf R, Audi A/S3 Intercooler R&D Part 4 – Piping Design Plans

Big things in small packages have long since been the idea behind the hot-hatch. Smaller, punchy engines in small bodies creating big smiles in the corners is the name of the game, and the GTI wrote the rule book. Now, 44 years later, the seventh iteration is the ideal platform for any enthusiast of fast and practical. 031118_NLT_MK7_GEN_WEB_1 For those looking to enhance the sporty Golf even further, you might have already taken notice that we’re already on the case by way of cooling the charged air running through your 2.0T. A beefier … Continue Reading ››

InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D, Part 5 – Piping Production Sample

It goes without saying that the intercooling system is an integral part of any turbocharged vehicle. What’s the sense of trying to cram more air into the cylinders if it can’t be compressed that easily. In fact, that almost defeats the entire point of having a turbo installed on your engine. For those of you who have a craving to crank up the heat on your hot-Honda by lowering your intake temps, we already devised a solution for you. However, much like how your CTR transports you from A to B, your chilled charged air still requires a delivery method. [caption … Continue Reading ››

InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D Part 4 – Intercooler Production Sample

When it comes to shopping for an upgraded intercooler, the first thing any of us look for is the temperature drop figure. For our new design, that information has still yet to come. For now, we’ll focus on the next most interesting specification, which, naturally, is the size of the core. In the case of our new core, that number is 1003mm³. That might just look like a number, but compared to the stock unit, it’s a 169% increase in size. One-hundred and sixty nine percent. Crushed it. 020518_NLT_CTR_INT_WEB_10 How does the number compare, … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Cooling – 2012-2016 BMW F2X/F3X Intercooler R&D Part 3 – Production Sample

It’s been a long time coming since we last left off with the development of this intercooler. While it might have been trying on your patience, and a little on ours, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that it took some time. Simply put, how are we going to make sure that what ends up at your door step is perfect if the first doesn’t possess the same qualities? And sometimes doing things a little differently takes some time. 021418_NLT_F30_INT_WEB_3 If you look back to our last post outlining the design plans, you’ll … Continue Reading ››