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Performance Without Compromise – Mishimoto’s Carbon Fiber Intercooler

Building a performance vehicle is an exercise in compromise. Form or function? Power or weight? Strength or lightness? Often, one of those is more important to the build, so the other is sacrificed. But here at Mishimoto, we're done compromising.

Carbon fiber has long been a material bordering on mythical. A fabric that, when combined with resin, exhibits more strength than steel at a fraction of the weight. Once reserved for small aesthetic pieces on cringeworthy show cars or the highest tier of racing, … Continue Reading ››

Go Your Own Way – Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 3: Prototype

The prototyping step of product development is often one of the most exciting and nerve-racking steps of R&D. It's a lot like the day your car parts are delivered. You're excited about new parts, but there's also some trepidation. Will they fit like the manufacturer said they would? Do you have the right tools? Will it actually make my car better? We often have the same feelings about our prototypes, with one predominant question: Will it fit?

Before we can answer that question about … Continue Reading ››

Basic Needs – Aluminum Primary Degas Tank R&D

This Aluminum Primary Degas Tank for the 2011-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke is Available Now! Click here to Check it Out!

Cooling is one of the basic needs of any engine, and for a workhorse like the 2011-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke, any failure in the cooling system can be disastrous.

The 6.7L Powerstroke's cooling system is divided into two parts. The primary cooling system cools the engine, engine oil, transmission, and EGR. It also supplies … Continue Reading ››

Cooling a Cult Icon – Radiator R&D, Part 2: Design, Prototype, Production

2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Performance Radiator

When we last talked about our 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser performance radiator, we had just removed the stock radiator. Our engineer, Ye, used our 3D scanner to make a digital model of it. In this post, we’ll turn that digital model into a prototype, and if all goes to plan, we’ll turn that prototype into a full production sample.

The first step in the process was to make a … Continue Reading ››

Cooling a Cult Icon – Radiator R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Performance Radiator

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has become something of a cult icon in the off-roading community. Chances are, if you find somebody in your area who owns an FJ, they know three other FJ owners, and they all hit the trails together on the weekend.

Though their owners will likely never admit it, the FJ Cruiser shares much of its lineage with the equally iconic Jeep Wrangler. Like the Wrangler, … Continue Reading ››