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Final Product Design – E46 Intake Development, Part 3

In our last update, we left you with some dyno results showing the potential this kit has for increased performance. Now that the development process is nearing completion, we have a finished and fully functional prototype to test fit onto a BMW 330i. This kit is a direct fit for the E46 330i and it includes a very straightforward component list and simple installation instructions. Let’s jump into what our final kit looks like.
Final E46 intake prototype
Final E46 intake prototype
As seen above, the multi-ply silicone intake hose features a … Continue Reading ››

Dyno Results – E46 Intake Development, Part 2

We’ve made some progress with testing our E46 intake and the dyno results are finally in! This intake was put through some extensive testing and it held up to the abuse with consistent and repeatable output numbers. Let’s see how our finalized prototype fits on the car!


Prototype E46 intake ready for the dyno
E46 parts fitment
E46 parts mocked up in the engine bay
Do you see … Continue Reading ››

Stock Review + Initial Design – E46 Intake, Part 1

Our garage has been graced with the presence of a clean 2001 E46 330i, so we can now begin development on this E46 intake. Let’s dive right in!

Stock System

The 330i stock intake system is similar to the 32X, the big difference being the size of the MAF housing. On the higher-output 330i models, this housing is larger so it can accept greater airflow needed by the more powerful, higher-displacement engine. To accommodate that larger diameter, our design will have a slightly enlarged opening on the heat shield. Everything else should fit right into place! Here are a few shots of … Continue Reading ››