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Ultimate Induction – 2021+ BMW G8X M3/M4 Performance Intake R&D, Part 3 – Prototyping

Innovation moves fast these days. Anything heralded as a technological feat is already outdated by the time it hits the market. Well, sort of. BMW has a knack for engineering iconic cars, specifically when it comes to the benchmark of the performance compact sedan: the M3. The launch of the G8X M3 and M4 might have delivered polarizing looks, but this generation’s performance leaves a lasting impression. But even though it’s the most powerful M of this class to date, enthusiasts still want more, and an upgraded air intake kit is the best starting point. 

Ultimate Induction – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

Perfection isn’t something that comes by accident. It takes heaps of careful planning and consideration to even come close to the status of “perfect.” Take the M3, for example. For decades it’s been considered the benchmark of sports sedans, and no manufacturer can release any fast four-door without first facing the mighty M on a test track. This didn’t happen out of pure dumb luck, but rather M-division pouring countless hours of planning and consideration into each of their vehicles. The G80 continues that practice, and we intend on applying the same mindset for our intake system for … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Induction – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

BMW’s M division is renowned for delivering the utmost pinnacle of automotive performance. That’s no secret. For decades, the letter M has become synonymous with the perfect distribution of performance and luxury, with the M3 topping the charts in the compact class. It’s the benchmark in terms of enthusiast vehicles. Being a driver’s car means, though, means that we enthusiasts can’t keep our hands out of the engine bay. We need to fiddle and tweak even the likes of the G8X M3/M4 until it perfectly matches our tastes. That tinkering typically starts with the intake system.