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Legendary Cooling – 2005-2012 C6 Corvette Performance Radiator R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

One would think that after over 50 years of being the pinnacle of American performance some extra thought would have been put into the cooling system. That’s not the American way, though. Automotive radiators have vastly improved since 1953, and when it came time for the C5’s successor, it’s almost as if Chevy was more interested in equipping the largest … Continue Reading ››

Legendary Cooling – 2005-2012 C6 Corvette Performance Radiator, Part 1 – Stock Review

When you look back on America’s history in the realm of speed, it seems that we’re only known for one thing—straight-line speed. Our obsession with muscle cars has left the impression on the rest of the world that we here in the US are a little timid around corners. Anyone who knows anything, though, can always name one American car … Continue Reading ››