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Ford Family Fun – 2020+ Ford Explorer ST Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 4 – Dyno Testing

While piling into your Explorer ST for a long haul, it’s tough not to have that cliché mantra running through your head – It’s more about the journey than the destination. However, we here at Mishimoto think that saying depends on the context. We, enthusiasts, are quickly intoxicated by the ST’s 3.0 EcoBoost powerplant and easily hypnotized by the surprisingly nimble chassis’ ability to tackle the curvey backroads, making us prefer to savor the trip. When it comes to the journey of building that speed machine, however, things become much more destination-focused. While that journey is necessary, we’re … Continue Reading ››

Ford Family Fun – 2020+ Ford Explorer ST 3.0L Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 2 – Production Sample

Any road trip requires at least a small amount of planning. Sure, you could just jump into the car and drive, but it helps to know at least the direction you’re headed in most cases. The planning requirements only increase as more passengers climb into your Explorer. 

If the intercooler is the road map to the Explorer ST’s expedition to more power, we here at Mishimoto prefer our trip to have a complete and detailed itinerary. Really, after a closer inspection of our production sample, our road trip looks more like the course details of … Continue Reading ››

Ford Family Fun – 2020+ Ford Explorer ST Performance Intercooler Stock review and Design Plans

Spirited driving is now a family affair in a Ford. Ford needed a new herald for the ST badge since exiling their small car lineup to Europe and Australia. So, why not turn one of America's most popular SUVs into a performance machine? Thus, the Explorer ST was born. A 3-row monument to practicality now fitted with a heavy-hitting 3.0L twin-turbo EcoBoost, hunkered down suspension, and bolstered sport seats. From the factory, the Explorer ST already boasts enough grunt to shove you and the kids back in your seats, but we reckon there are more ponies to squeeze … Continue Reading ››