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Focus on Cooling! Mishimoto’s Ford Focus ST Radiator R&D, Part 2: A Look at Our First Prototype

Quick Recap

It has been around two months since our last update on this project. We’ve had great feedback on the forums, and we appreciate everyone’s comments and patience as we work toward completion. Our goal is to provide a performance radiator that allows users to track drive their STs without fear of overheating and entering limp mode. The primary reason for … Continue Reading ››

Focus On Cooling! Mishimoto’s Focus ST Radiator R&D, Part 1: Problem and Solution Analysis

Our engineering team often tackles complex problems to provide ideal solutions for customers. This is true for all our product lines, across a broad range of vehicle makes and models. We are not strangers to Ford’s lineup of EcoBoost models, and our team is quite familiar with the issues that exist for each. In general, we’ve found that the stock … Continue Reading ››