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Go Your Own Way – Performance Intercooler, Part 2: Design

When we last talked about the 2019+ Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost, we looked at the stock intercooler. To recap, the stock Ranger intercooler is similar to almost every other stock intercooler we’ve seen. It utilizes a tube-and-fin core with plastic crimped on end tanks, nothing too out of the ordinary. The only unique feature of the stock Ranger intercooler is the turbocharger boost pressure sensor that lives on the driver’s side end tank. This sensor seals in the intercooler by way of an o-ring, so the bore in our end tank will need to … Continue Reading ››

Go Your Own Way – Performance Intercooler, Part 1: Stock Review

Lately, it seems commercials for trucks, SUVs, CUVs, and every other acronym on four wheels have the same narrative. A traffic jam ahead and a forlorn look on our business-casual hero’s face. Suddenly, as if it hadn’t quite sunk in yet, our hero remembers they bought a vehicle capable of driving on that conveniently placed side road; the one that’s just dusty enough to add some drama to the shot, but not treacherous enough to require much driving skill. A couple presses of the nav screen and the hero is home before the dust settles.