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Everyday Hero – Direct Fit Catch Can R&D Part 2 – Production Sample and Testing

“It’s an investment in the future” is a phrase that I’m sure everyone has heard at some point in their life. That statement could be used for your savings account, taking out a staggering amount in student loans, or even be said about that 2018+ 2.0T Honda Accord that’s getting you around. With all of this future investment, what exactly is protecting it? 052918_NLT_Acrd_BCC_WEB_5 Before, just the name Accord was enough to suggest that this car would keep going. There’s a reason we still see ancient Hondas cruising around today. We want to make … Continue Reading ››

Everyday Hero – Direct Fit Catch Can R&D Part 1 – Concept and Design

Every superhero has a weakness or villain thwarting them at every turn. Superman has those glowing alien rocks. Batman is constantly putting out fires both figuratively and literally set by some deranged clown, and the internal combustion engine has its respiratory system clogged up by its own lifeblood. Yes, we’re talking about blow-by. Granted, carbon buildup from blow-by might not seem as serious as the threat of a supervillain, but it’s an affliction that affects every engine out there, even your new Honda Accord. IMG_2301 The 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T might not be flying … Continue Reading ››