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Western Expansion – Aluminum Expansion Tank R&D – Concept to Completion

Just from looking at the Civic Type R, you can tell that it’s built to perform. The exterior styling is aggressive, yet functional. Every grill, opening, and spoiler incorporated into the design is there for a purpose, and that purpose is speed. Even with the amount of legwork that went into making this Civic the cream of the crop, everyone is still after increased performance. IMG_6337 When most think about the performance of any vehicle, they think of how fast they can make it. Dreams of tunes, intakes, intercoolers, and exhausts are what drift … Continue Reading ››

Hot-Blooded – Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1 – Concept and Design

The Type R badge is something that’s had a significant history under the red Honda emblem. Since the adoption of anything Type R in the US, the release of the FK8 was almost like the modern reboot of a cult classic sports flick. This time around we get one of the Hemsworth brothers instead of Patrick Swayze much like an added turbo and over the top aero styling. Some things stay the same though. We still get the conspicuously red seats and Foreigner makes an appearance on the soundtrack.
Check it and See
By most accounts, the FK8 is in fact Continue Reading ››