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Airflow for the Masses – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

One of the leading reasons for buying a mega-mass-produced product is reliability. Your Honda Accord already bears that trait thanks to Honda’s decades of tried-and-true testing. Functionality and reliability are features that we also aim to make synonymous with our 2018+ 1.5L Accord intake kit, but that only comes with the same level of rigorous R&D. So, we put our intake to the test.

The first leg of the testing journey takes place on our flow bench, which you might remember from the prototyping post. During the design phase, we used … Continue Reading ››

Airflow for the Masses – Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 3 – Production Sample

A significant step in ensuring a product is ready for the masses is to triple-check your work. The designs and prototypes might be perfect, but a final check of what actually comes off the production line is the best litmus test. We're about to perform that litmus test on our 1.5T Accord performance air intake, and we're eager to show off its new look.

We refreshed the airbox from the ground up, complete … Continue Reading ››

Airflow for the Masses – Performance Intake R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

Anything deemed "for the masses" doesn't happen on a whim. Just think of all of the items that took the world by storm, like the Beetle, the iPod, or even this Accord. Plenty of careful thought and consideration went into the design, production, and distribution to ensure that every individual unit rolling off the production line would live up to the sensation created around it. While our intake kit for the 1.5T powered Accord won't reach the same tier as the iPod, we still want to ensure that we put equal consideration into the development, starting with the … Continue Reading ››

Airflow for the Masses – Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

The last few years have solidified Honda's turbo generation. Sure, there have been sprinklings in the past, but the 2016 Civic was a gateway to the flood of turboed Hondas, including the darling mid-sized sedan, the Accord. The 2.0T variant stole the show with boasting CTR-esque power in a big cushy sedan, but let's face it, as good as the 2.0T is, the 1.5T is going to be the Accord for the masses. Even with the smaller displacement, there's still plenty of available power and efficiency that lend the 1.5T Accord for being a great all-around sedan and … Continue Reading ››