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Keep the Good Times Rolling – Direct-Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 2 – Test Results

Engineers from Hyundai might have stuffed plenty of smiles-per-mile within their unique take on the hatchback, but as we went over in our first post, the eccentric Veloster suffers from a run-of-the-mill problem with blow-by. While our donor vehicle’s owner kept his good times rolling testing our prototype, the fun didn’t stop here at Mishimoto as we perfected our blow-by remedy.

As the loaner vehicle was conducting our standard 1000-mile test, we were polishing the final product and ensuring every aspect was up to Mishi … Continue Reading ››

Keep the Good Times Rolling – Direct-Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 1 – Concept and Prototype

Hyundai may have never been a brand synonymous with producing the driver’s car. Their models are often used as some sort of punchline to illustrate what we gearheads don’t want in our cars. There have been some contenders throughout the years to ward off the bad jokes, but the quirky, asymmetrical Veloster that followed the Genesis earns the most credit for injecting new energy into Hyundai’s image. Its release had us all thinking that the real spirited driving experience finally made its way to the well-known manufacturer.

While the Genesis Coupe might be a … <a href=Continue Reading ››