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Live on the Limit – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 3 – Production Sample

Our newly designed radiator is now available! Make sure to get yours today, or continue reading to find out more:

Performance Aluminum Radiator, fits Mazda NC MX-5 Miata (Manual) 2006-2015

Mazda designed the NC Miata for the utilization of all 170 equipped horsepower. This budget sports car’s idea is to show the automotive world that you don’t need 1,000 horsepower and enough torque to shift the earth off its axis to have fun behind the wheel. Let’s be honest, in most situations, you can really only use a fraction of that … Continue Reading ››

Live on the Limit – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 2 – Design Plans

It's true what they say, failing to plan is planning to fail, especially when it comes to pushing your vehicle to the limits. As we covered in the first post, the MX-5 Miata is designed for being pushed to the ragged edge, and driving so close to a vehicle's limit requires some preparation. Surely, Mazda put some extensive engineering behind the Miata's cooling system, but even still, it can have some trouble keeping up once you put the hammer down. When it comes to our radiator design, we plan to improve the NC's endurance.

Live on the Limit – Performance Radiator R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

When it comes to sports cars, sometimes the real joy doesn't come from a monstrous motor with oodles of power, but rather something small and nimble. A car that lets you utilize every horsepower and push it to the absolute limit. The NC MX-5 Miata defines that category. Sure, it might only have 170 hp, but you can use every single one, and effectively too. Thanks to its double-wishbone front and multilink rear suspension setups, the NC is more than capable of transporting you to the ragged edge with the wind in your hair and a grin on … Continue Reading ››