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Mishimoto Waterjet Enhancements

Our shop contains many unique tools and equipment to help aid our R&D team in the process of product development and testing. One of our more recent acquisitions is a very nice Waterjet machine. We’ve used this device to cut airbox pieces, catch can brackets, shop signage, fan shrouds, and many other components that can be constructed from flat sheet … Continue Reading ››

Rockstar + Mishimoto = Baffled Catch Can Awesomeness

Interested in picking up this awesome catch can? Check out our product page for more information!

Mishimoto Rockstar Compact Two-Port Baffled Oil Catch Can

Every once in a while our engineering team has the pleasure of collaborating with our talented marketing team to produce a unique product. We recently worked together to produce a very slick shift knob for … Continue Reading ››