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Cozy Turbo – Direct Fit Truck Turbo Blankets

In the world of high-power trucks, turbochargers are a godsend. No matter whether you’re piloting a twin-turbo F-150 or a Cummins-powered heavy-duty Ram, the turbo is what gives your truck the extra kick it needs to get the job done. While vital to generating power, the exhaust circulating through the turbo can also generate the internal combustion engine’s arch-nemesis – heat. But don’t worry, we here at Mishimoto have you covered, literally. 

For those who don’t know or need a refresher, exhaust heat is the primary fuel source for a turbocharger. The turbocharger uses hot … Continue Reading ››

Cozy Turbo – Direct Fit Automotive Turbo Blankets

The turbocharger is a source of unadulterated automotive bliss. This little compressor injects character into any engine by way of added ponies while making all the right sounds. The biggest downside, however, is the heat that they produce. You're in luck, though, since managing heat is the name of the game here at Mishimoto. 

For those who don't know or need a refresher, exhaust heat is the primary fuel source for a turbocharger. Specifically, the turbocharger uses hot exhaust gasses to spin the turbine wheel and force more air into the engine. The side effect … Continue Reading ››

Get To Know Our Engineers – no they’re not just robots…

You’ve seen what goes into the making of our products, but do you know who is making them? At Mishimoto, we’re proud to say that our products are made for automotive enthusiasts by automotive enthusiasts and engineered in New Castle, DE. We took it upon ourselves to ask each of our engineers a series of questions so you can get to know them better and see their enthusiasm for automobiles shine.

Mishimoto Waterjet Enhancements

Our shop contains many unique tools and equipment to help aid our R&D team in the process of product development and testing. One of our more recent acquisitions is a very nice Waterjet machine. We’ve used this device to cut airbox pieces, catch can brackets, shop signage, fan shrouds, and many other components that can be constructed from flat sheet material. This tool been helpful in speeding up development projects, and we’ve really enjoyed learning about its many features.

Waterjet Basics

Waterjet cutting bay
Waterjet cutting bay

Waterjet technology … Continue Reading ››