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Iconic Remix – 2020+ Toyota Supra Vehicle Overview

This year marks the return of one of Toyota’s most sought-after vehicles—the Supra. We last saw the flagship sports coupe on the dealer lots here in the US in 1998, powered by the holy prophet of propulsion, the 2JZ-GTE. The Supra took some time off and traveled Europe for a bit, but now it’s back, and one has found a new home here at the Mishimoto R&D facility.

Is That a SUPRA?!

Yes. Well, sort of. On paper it’s exactly the … Continue Reading ››

Family of Speed – Lifestyle: Global Time Attack takes NJMP

It seems like some sort of cruel joke that prime racing season takes place in the peak of the summer’s heat. Heat is the inherent byproduct of the engine’s power source, but too much of it can keep you sidelined for the day. Yet, dozens of teams descended on New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ this past weekend to set their flying laps for Global Time Attack.

Blistering lap times is the name of the game for Global Time Attack. In the sweltering South … Continue Reading ››

City Slicker – New York International Auto Show Recap, Part 2 – What’s Old

Auto shows, and specifically New York’s edition, tend to focus on the big reveals. What’s brand new? What haven’t the media and public seen before that they want to feast their eyes on? True, as stated in our last post, this year’s NYIAS did seem to lean more toward auto brands filling out their trim selections and special editions, but that didn’t stop them from bringing 2019’s earlier releases along for the ride.

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City Slicker – New York International Auto Show Recap, Part 1 – What’s New

Nothing says driving quite like New York City. The jams, the honking, the stop and go traffic all add up to one wild experience. Maybe more like a torture test, but you might not have fun doing it. Maybe I was a little off about NYC driving, but the Big Apple is an ideal meeting spot for OEM’s and enthusiasts alike to rendezvous and get an up-close look at the fresh new designs manufacturers have to offer. Since the Mishimoto R&D facility is only an hour train ride away, we took advantage of this opportunity to join … Continue Reading ››

Feel Good Drag – A Day at the Drag Strip with Turn 14

So many companies out there have some sort of initiative to keep their employees beaming and happy. They naturally want to boost morale and build community. Things like bonus programs, free snacks and coffee, and periodic company-wide outings are part of what helps people fuel up each day and arrive charged, ready to floor it. When a particular company happens to be a behemoth in distributing automotive performance parts, an outing isn’t something as simple as a comped night at Chili’s. That wouldn’t suit a car enthusiast. Instead, it ends up being a day trip ripping down the drag strip … Continue Reading ››