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Enhance Your EcoBoost Exhaust! Cat-Back Development, Part 5: Sound Testing

With just a couple small tasks to go, we’re near the completion of this 2015 Mustang cat-back exhaust project. Our design for this system is complete from the downpipe connection to the end of the stainless exhaust tips.

3D Models

Our prototype exhaust meets our requirements for both fitment and performance, so it was time to create a 3D-model of our design, which would ensure that our manufactured exhausts match our design exactly. After some time at the computer screen working in Solidworks, we ended up with the awesome renderings below! Mishimoto 2015 Mustang EcoBoost … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Enhance Your EcoBoost Exhaust! Cat-Back Development, Part 4: Tip Fabrication

We’ve logged some miles (and smiles) during the testing of our two cat-back exhaust setups. We’ve decided on a strategy for the muffler selection, one that we feel best suits the tones of the Mustang EcoBoost (EB). Our team determined that the round muffler setup is just a touch too loud, and that the oval mufflers shown in the previous segment provided the exact sound we are seeking. Months of tedious design and testing have resulted in drone-less operation on the highway, improved volume at wide-open-throttle( WOT), and stock-like sounds during light/partial throttle. I am sure you guys are eager for … Continue Reading ››

Enhance Your EcoBoost Exhaust! Cat-Back Development, Part 3: Prototype 2 & 3 Testing

The search continues to find the optimal blend between a high-quality WOT (wide-open throttle) exhaust sound and a rich sound during normal driving and light-throttle driving situations. In this segment, we continue with our 2015 Mustang exhaust sound testing to see if we find our second or third prototype setup pleasing.

Dyno Testing

We set up our EB on the Dynapack for some more sound collection. We also kept an eye on power output and AFR readings to see if power changed on the factory tune, and to see if the improved flow would impact AFRs in any way. On our 2015 … Continue Reading ››

Enhance Your EcoBoost Exhaust! Cat-Back Development, Part 2: Sound Testing and Second Prototype

First Prototype: Sound

We’re starting this article with a recap of Part 1 of this series, which highlighted our first prototype for the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost exhaust design. If you recall, this design featured a midmuffler as well as two rear mufflers. We promised a sound clip of our first design, so check it out below! As you can hear, this setup is not quite what we are looking for. Although our mufflers are more free-flowing compared to the stock units, the sound of the EcoBoost is still stifled quite a bit. In fact, actual noise increases over the stock exhaust setup are … Continue Reading ››

Enhance Your EcoBoost Exhaust! Cat-Back Development, Part 1: Stock Exhaust and Initial Fabrication

If you follow any of the product development going on here at Mishimoto, you should have noticed our recent concentration on the Ford Mustang EcoBoost. So far we’ve developed, tested, and perfected a variety of awesome new components, including the list below. The next target on our list will help your EcoBoost breathe a little easier, in the form of a larger-diameter and better-flowing cat-back … Continue Reading ››