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Hot and Cold – Intercooler Pipes R&D, Part 3: A Numbers Game

When it comes to data testing, our engineering department avoids cutting corners. Each product we put on the market is vigorously tested so we can be confident our products can withstand the abuse you intend to throw at them. With the intercooler piping for the 2016 2.0T LTG engine, we have gone through the proper steps to get the data gearheads want to see. Our engineer put our dyno and flow bench to work to see how our design stacks up. We plan to offer these intercooler pipes individually as well as a kit, so both the cold and hot-side pipes … Continue Reading ››

Hot and Cold – Intercooler Pipes R&D, Part 2: Almost There

We have a lot of advanced equipment at our disposal that would make a design for an upgraded intercooler pipe kit for this 2016+ Chevy Camaro 2.0T superior over stock in many ways. We aren’t only aiming for these pipes to have spot-on fitment. It’s crucial to think about every design detail and consider how you can keep these pipes with you throughout your quest for more power without having to do anything to them. This means incorporating design features that can support even more modifications – whether you plan to use them or not. I’ll take you through how … Continue Reading ››

Hot and Cold – Intercooler Pipes R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

When I was young, I had a serious tendency to become fixated on a specific item or experience. Starry-eyed and captivated, I’d stubbornly obsess over my desire-du-jour at the expense of appreciating what was going on in the moment – something that was lost on me at the time, but hardly seems unique now, among my generational peers (or even those decades my senior). It’s a fault upon which I’ve improved vastly with age and “wisdom”, but I regularly notice reflections of the same tendency beyond the scope of my own experience, even regarding one's attitude to something … Continue Reading ››