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Gotta Keep Em’ Separated- Catch Can R&D, Part 3: Test Results

Testing is complete! Although we would still like to be cruising through twisty back roads logging R&D miles, it is time to bring the Focus RS back to the stables to examine our catch can. When we test our catch cans, we try to put a wide variety of miles on the car to best replicate normal driving situations. We send one of our engineers out into the wild to put our development vehicle through its paces and ensure our products are functioning as designed. Focus RS catch can testing Focus … Continue Reading ››

Gotta Keep Em’ Separated- Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Prototype Installation

It’s the year of the horse…power, that is, wherein the land of the aftermarket, power modifications are king. They are the body builders of the modifications stomping around yelling about protein, bro. We all want to beef up our cars and hear them roar in the face of their stock counterparts. Understandably, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of dyno charts and power numbers while overlooking the little guy in the background. This little guy, probably talking about something nerdy, is our good friend the catch can. He doesn’t scream horsepower, but instead whispers about carbon buildup on … Continue Reading ››

Gotta Keep em’ Separated – Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

The Focus RS is a big hit at the Mishimoto headquarters, and we want to make sure to protect our newest addition. If you missed Kyle Mohan testing out the Focus RS drift mode, check out our Focus RS Drift Video. Luckily one of the first projects up to bat is our direct-fit baffled oil catch can. We know that the necessity of an oil catch can is a hotly debated topic among many car communities, and the Focus RS is no exception. From previous projects and research online, we’ve learned that blow-by is a real presence in these … Continue Reading ››