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Upgrading Induction – Induction Hose R&D, Part 2: From Concept to Reality

We are now one step closer to completing this induction project! The bulk of our testing is just about finished and we have gotten some awesome results. One of our biggest objectives was to increase the internal volume over the stock intake. With more air surging through the hose, the potential for improved power output is increased as well.
Prototype 3D printed 2015+ Mustang parts
Prototype 3D printed 2015+ Mustang parts
The sound imposer is blocked off here, but it will be deleted!Continue Reading ››

Let Your Ponies Be Heard – Exhaust Component R&D, Part 6: Test Results

In our last post, we took a look at the axleback fabrication process. Now that our prototypes are on the GT and ready to rock, it is on to testing! While we were not expecting much in the power department out of these exhaust options, we still wanted to see how they sound on the dyno.
Mishimoto’s Mustang GT Exhaust – Race Axleback
Mishimoto’s Mustang GT Exhaust – Race Axleback
Mishimoto’s Mustang Axleback Exhaust – Race version Mishimoto’s Mustang Axleback Exhaust – … Continue Reading ››

Let Your Ponies Be Heard – Exhaust Component R&D, Part 5: Axleback Fabrication

Last time we wrapped up our resonator-delete testing, and with that component good to go, we’re on to our next conquest, axleback exhausts. If you have not had a chance to take a look at our resonator deletes check out our blog posts HERE.

Axleback Fabrication

Any living, breathing car enthusiast knows that the exhaust is an important modification for modern muscle. Most owners want to rid themselves of the stock sound and let their pony car be heard right out of the gate. Being s550 owners ourselves, we want to hear the unrestricted growl of the Coyote in our GT, … Continue Reading ››

Working on a Cooler Coyote – Oil Cooler R&D, Part 3: Cooler Fabrication

In our last post, we took a look at the fabrication of our oil cooler bracket and the prototype heat exchanger. We’ve settled on the final bracket design, and now we are moving on to the heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger Fabrication

The lead engineer on this project, Dan, plans to test several designs, including an all new heat exchanger design for this project. Exciting stuff! Before we test, we first need to fabricate our test subjects with the help of our expert welder, Mike. We will be creating a small cross-flow oil cooler, a large cross-flow oil cooler, a small dual-pass oil … Continue Reading ››

The Mustang GT Intake R&D, Part 2: Prototype Design

We have some updates for our 2015 Mustang GT intake project! Our engineering team has been diligently working on a functional prototype so we can start getting some testing results. It’s full steam ahead with our plan for this intake, which includes a cool design for a fully enclosed airbox, keeping the stock tune, and of course, gaining more power! Let’s briefly examine what we have so far starting with the airbox, shown below.
Prototype 2015+ Mustang Parts
Prototype 2015+ Mustang Parts
In our design for the intake airbox, check out how … Continue Reading ››