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Nissan Titan XD Review Series Part 1: Initial Impressions

We are diving into our brand-new Nissan Titan XD! This video provides our initial impressions of the Titan and some of the features we plan to take a closer look at. Check it out below! Feel free to let us know what you would like to see us cover during this series. Thanks for watching! -Sara

Mishimoto Welcomes the New Titan XD

Recently, quite a few exciting development vehicles have arrived at our headquarters, but none received quite the same welcome as our Titan XD.
Mishimoto's Nissan Titan XD
Mishimoto's Nissan Titan XD
Last Friday, we set out to our local Nissan dealership to pick up the newest member of the Mishimoto family, and we wasted no time in making the Titan feel welcome. While the head of our Production Department was inside doing whatever it is you do when purchasing a new vehicle, the rest of Team Titan was wasting no time in … Continue Reading ››