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Defending the Titan- Coolant Filtration Kit R&D, Part 2: Final Prototype

Last time, we took an in-depth look at coolant filtration kits and how they can benefit our Titan. We gave you a sneak peek at what the final bracket for the Titan XD coolant filtration kit will look like. If you missed out on that you can check out the whole post on our engineering blog.

Finalizing the brackets

These brightly colored brackets were created with the help of 3D printing. This is just one of our rapid prototyping techniques that helps us create accurate prototypes the first time around. This allows us to bring great-looking AND great-fitting products to you … Continue Reading ››

Defending the Titan- Coolant Filtration Kit R&D, Part 1: Prototype Testing

Personally, I am a huge Nissan fan, but I try not to be too biased when it comes to working on Nissan projects. I do, however, remember how excited I was when the new Titan development vehicle first rolled into our headquarters in all its glory. I found myself pricing options on the Internet and weighing my student loan debt with the prospect of a shiny new toy. So with a love like this, it makes sense to protect it. When developing products, we consider several factors. We evaluate possible improvements to the factory setup of a vehicle, to make more … Continue Reading ››