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Treating the Titan- Exhaust R&D, Part 2: Exhaust Fabrication

We are back with a much needed update on the Titan XD exhaust. Since our last post covering the stock Titan XD exhaust, we’ve come up with a design of our own. The first step in bringing our prototype from design to reality was to create a jig to use for fabrication. We started by taking measurements from the Titan, then fired up the waterjet, and sliced our largest jig to date. It had to be sizeable enough to accommodate the four-inch piping designated for the Titan. Jig for Titan XD exhaust prototypeContinue Reading ››

Treating the Titan – Exhaust R&D, Part 1: Stock Evaluation

Our Titan XD has been poked and prodded, and the next upgrade we are working on is a DPF-back exhaust. Before we begin development, we like to take a peek at the stock version to determine which upgrades we can make to the design. Our first observation was that this exhaust is, well, plain. Not to worry; our goal is to spice up the design a bit to give this Titan more to show off.
Stock Titan XD Exhaust
Stock Titan XD Exhaust
Stock Titan XD … <a href=Continue Reading ››