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Downpipe for What – Fiesta ST Downpipe R&D, Part 3: Final Prototype

We are back with more on our Fiesta ST downpipe project. We know you are long overdue for an update, so we’ll dive right in. After fabrication, we read that some other aftermarket downpipes for the Fiesta ST weren’t as successful at making power as downpipes typically are on other applications. We still wanted to test our downpipe designs to see the data for ourselves, and decide if the downpipe was worth manufacturing for the Fiesta ST. After testing was completed, the data confirmed our suspicions that the Fiesta ST is pretty darn efficient on its own, and the addition of … Continue Reading ››

Turn Up the Volume – Cat-Back Exhaust R&D, Part 4: Final Prototype

It has been quite a while since our last update, and we are glad to be wrapping up this project! One of the reasons for this delay is that, based on your feedback, we have decided to add a few more options for this exhaust system. You might remember from a previous post, that our engineers enjoyed the louder sound of our non-resonated exhaust after having listened to both the resonated and non-resonated versions. Since there were no improvements in horsepower with either option, we based our decision to create the exhaust on sound only. To refresh your memory, here are some … Continue Reading ››

Pipe Down! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 5: Prototype Testing

We are nearing the completion of this project. Our engineering team is ready for dyno testing that will verify any power gains made with our larger-diameter intercooler piping. Exactly how much larger is the piping we designed?
Fiesta ST charge pipe volume comparison hot side
Fiesta ST charge pipe volume comparison hot side
The Mishimoto hot-side design provided the greater increase in volume between the two, coming in at a 51% increase over the stock pipe. Fiesta ST charge … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Pipe Down! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 4: Prototype Test Fit

A few weeks ago we completed our first set of prototype pipes. After a quick evaluation by our team, it was time for a vehicle test fit. Last week we set our Fiesta ST (FIST) up on a lift and began swapping the stock piping for our components. First, the hot-side pipe was bolted into place.
Mishimoto Fiesta ST performance parts installed
Mishimoto Fiesta ST performance parts installed
The hot-side pipe slid into place perfectly. Our mounting bracket lined up, and the hardware properly secured the pipe into place. The … Continue Reading ››

Say No to Plastic – Coolant Expansion Tank, Post 2: Final Prototype

It has been a while since we took a look at what is going on in the world of the Fiesta expansion tank. In our last post we test fitted our 3D-printed prototype on the Fiesta ST. After fitment was confirmed, we played the waiting game for our final prototype’s arrival at our development facility. Our best efforts at being patient paid off when we had two packages arrive this morning!
Fiesta ST expansion tank
Fiesta ST expansion tank
Fiesta ST expansion tankContinue Reading ››