Mishimoto 2015+ Subaru STi Performance Cold-Air Intake System, Part 4: Race Intake System

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Mishimoto Subaru STI Performance Air Intake

As noted earlier in this article series, we would be tackling a race intake system to go along with our bolt-on unit. So what makes the race system different? For this particular system we are using a larger-diameter intake pipe with a larger MAF housing. This means greater intake flow, but it also means it will no longer function with the factory tune. This system is meant specifically for drivers who want aggressive professional tunes so they … Continue Reading ››

The Mustang EcoBoost Intercooler, Part 2: Prototype Fabrication

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Mishimoto Mustang EcoBoost Performance Intercooler

An Interesting Discovery
At this point, our intercooler project took an interesting turn. We wanted to develop a cooler, including going through the process of 3D design, and working up a prototype unit. That said, we had a new idea to get some early baseline testing for core design. After swinging by our sample room, we retrieved the cooler shown below.
Mishmoto E90 intercooler
Mishmoto E90 intercooler
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The EcoBoost Intake Project, Part 3: Airbox Design

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Mishimoto Ford Mustang EcoBoost Performance Air Intake

Last time we covered the design of our intake pipe and left you with a look at our airbox design in the form of a rendering. It’s time to show you how we developed this component. First, we started with some steel and began selecting mounting points for attaching our box. Once we found these points, we pulled out the welder and began fabricating a prototype. Fabricating Mustang airbox Continue Reading ››

Cool Your Charge! The 15’ WRX Front-Mount Intercooler Build, Part 2: Core and Support Fabrication

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Mishimoto Subaru WRX Front-Mount Intercooler Kit

Crash Beam Fabrication After an unsuccessful test fit of our existing bumper beam on the 15’, we started from scratch to create a beam specific for the 15’ chassis. First we hacked off the end tanks of our cooler so we were left with a bare core. This would provide some freedom to design our crash beam and later work on the end tank direction. Next we cut out some new mounting plates and fit them into … Continue Reading ››

A new WRX/STI Catch Can System, Part 1: Initial Fabrication

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Subaru WRX Baffled Oil Catch Can System

Subaru STi Baffled Oil Catch Can System

Mishimoto 2010 STI
Mishimoto 2010 STI
After developing a highly successful, direct-fit catch can setup for the 2015 WRX we turned our attention to the previous generation. Our next target would be the 2008–2014 WRX and STI. At this point, Mishimoto still owned a 2010 STI, and this project would be our last for our shop … Continue Reading ››

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