Mishimoto Visits Orlando SpeedWorld for Hot-Weather E46 M3 Radiator Testing!

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Mishimoto BMW E46 M3 Performance Aluminum Radiator

Thanks to an absolutely miserable winter in the mid-Atlantic area (will it ever end?), we have been struggling to find weather warm enough to test our products currently in the development process. To provide accurate, real-world data for our line of cooling products, we are required to test everything at temperatures we expect our customers to experience under normal driving conditions. Testing an oil cooler on a 30°F day is going to provide wildly different results than on a 90°F … Continue Reading ››

2015 Subaru WRX First Impressions and Review by Mishimoto – Part 1

The team at Mishimoto gives you a quick glance at the brand new 2015 Subaru WRX! This video highlights some of the basic features that set this new model apart from the previous generation. Please comment with any information or image requests you would like to see in the next edition of this series! http://youtu.be/tRmBKlASE4g Thanks! 043

2007–2011 BMW E90 335I/135I Performance Aluminum Radiator, Part 2: First and Second Prototype Designs

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BMW 335i/135i Performance Aluminum Radiator

Welcome back! While I am sure you haven’t slept in days, anticipating the next edition of this thread, the team at Mishimoto has been hard at work. Two, yes two, initial prototypes were developed and one selected to move forward with testing. We won’t extend the wait any longer, so check out prototype number one below.
Mishimoto E90 radiator prototype 1
Mishimoto E90 radiator prototype 1
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2008–2014 Mishimoto Lancer Evolution X Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kit, Part 2: CAD Design and Product Testing

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Mishimoto Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Oil Cooler Kit

With our general design created, our engineering team set to work developing 3D models of the components for this kit. Check them out below!
Mishimoto prototype rendering
Mishimoto prototype rendering
Mishimoto prototype rendering
Mishimoto prototype rendering
The bracketing would be split into several components and the coolers mounted in a V format. The diverter in the … Continue Reading ››

Mishimoto’s Quest to Acquire a 2015 Subaru WRX

With our success in providing high quality, effective cooling solutions for several generations of Subaru models we decided it would be wise to dive into development of the brand new 2015 WRX! With so many changes to the vehicle this year, our team came to the conclusion that we would purchase this vehicle for R&D purposes. Today we are on quite a journey from our facility in New Castle, DE to Canton, CT to pick-up our brand new WRX. Loaded up with testing equipment, coffee, snacks, and enough Dramamine to settle the stomach of the entire east coast, we set off … Continue Reading ››

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