Cool Under Pressure – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

It’s finally showtime. The conductor’s wand raises, and each section of the mechanical, techno-EDM fusion orchestra that is the Infiniti Q50 starts effortlessly shredding through the notes. Will the less experienced player fold under the pressure where our musical veterans flourish? Let’s find out.

Pump it Up

As seen in the Infiniti maintenance manual

First let’s take a quick dive into how the pumps operate in the VR30DDTT’s system. These … Continue Reading ››

History of Success – Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D: Production

The old idiom “history repeats itself” is often used to point out the failures of the past, but in the context of the Ford F-150, that history is one of success. In recent years, Ford has been successful in introducing innovative technologies and ideas to the F-150 while retaining its renowned capability. Ford did face some skepticism in 2011 when they introduced the F-150 coupled to a direct-injected and turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine. But, 8 years later, the F-150 is still the best-selling truck in America and, as of 2017, the EcoBoost platform makes up 65% of … Continue Reading ››

Free to Roam – Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Design

The 2.3L EcoBoost in the 2019+ Ranger was designed to preserve the earth so that you can roam it freely for years to come. It sips fuel while bounding across fields and crawling up dunes, but the 2.3L also sips something that might eventually send it to the landfill: blow-by. That’s why Mishimoto has been working on a catch can to help protect your Ranger. In our last post, we looked at blow-by and how it can affect your 2.3L EcoBoost. In this post, we’ll show what we’re going to do about it.

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Rival Nature’s Power – Intercooler Pipe R&D, Part 4: Testing Continues

As the weather grows colder here on the east coast, there’s a collective smile forming on the faces of select drivers everywhere. Those of us whose engines come equipped with their own mini hurricane know this time of year as “boost season.” The colder weather means denser air, and denser air means the turbos under our hoods force more air into the engine. More air means more fuel, and more fuel means more power. It might just be a placebo effect from driving with the windows down, the chill of the wind blowing in your … Continue Reading ››

Iconic Remix – 2020+ Toyota Supra Vehicle Overview

This year marks the return of one of Toyota’s most sought-after vehicles—the Supra. We last saw the flagship sports coupe on the dealer lots here in the US in 1998, powered by the holy prophet of propulsion, the 2JZ-GTE. The Supra took some time off and traveled Europe for a bit, but now it’s back, and one has found a new home here at the Mishimoto R&D facility.

Is That a SUPRA?!

Yes. Well, sort of. On paper it’s exactly the … Continue Reading ››

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