InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D Part 4 – Intercooler Production Sample

When it comes to shopping for an upgraded intercooler, the first thing any of us look for is the temperature drop figure. For our new design, that information has still yet to come. For now, we’ll focus on the next most interesting specification, which, naturally, is the size of the core. In the case of our new core, that number … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Cooling – 2012-2016 BMW F2X/F3X Intercooler R&D Part 3 – Production Sample

It’s been a long time coming since we last left off with the development of this intercooler. While it might have been trying on your patience, and a little on ours, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that it took some time. Simply put, how are we going to make sure that what ends up at your door step is … Continue Reading ››

The Achilles’ Heel – Aluminum Expansion Tank R&D, Part 2: Design Plans

The Ford F-150 is an exceptional truck; affordable, tough, surprisingly fast and strong enough to effortlessly haul you and your payload over a mountain range. It’s so exceptional that as soon as you open the hood, you will probably be disappointed. IMGL9020 The problem of crumbling 2011-2014 F-150 expansion tanks has reached such … Continue Reading ››

Intercooler Sandwich – 2015+ VW MK7 GTI/Golf R, Audi A/S3 Intercooler R&D Part 3 – Design Plans

Bigger is better has long since been an unofficial mantra of the automotive world. To go faster or further, you have to go bigger. Either by way of more cylinders, bigger turbos, thicker sway bars, the increase in size helps quench the thirst for speed. The Golf GTI and all its subsequent variants have been showing us since 1974 that … Continue Reading ››

Next Generation Cooling – Transmission Cooler R&D, Part 2: Prototype

There’s nothing more teeth-grindingly irritating than spending hours building and tweaking your truck, only to be let down by the one part you didn’t touch. If you’re lucky, you can continue your trip, only slightly delayed. If you’re not lucky, one-third of the way to your destination you will have to turn back, painfully aware of your throttle input and … Continue Reading ››

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