Top Contender – Street Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 2 – Production Sample and Test Results

Turbo boxer has a nice ring to it. It’s perfect for one of those boxing games found in a retro arcade. Then again, Top Contender probably fits best, but I called dibs on that. Really though, Turbo boxer is a great descriptor for the WRX’s powerplant. Much like those retro arcade games, tuning and modding your Subaru is … Continue Reading ››

Everyday Hercules – Aluminum Radiator R&D, Part 3: Production

As summer begins here in Delaware, it’s quickly becoming the season of trailers with boats, jet skis, and campers filling the roads. Most of those trailers are pulled behind massive, oversized trucks that look like they rolled off the showroom floor yesterday. While there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your truck and keeping it clean, my favorite thing to see on … Continue Reading ››

A History of Experience – 2017+ Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Primary Radiator: Pre-Sale Launch

The difference between success and failure is often a matter of experience. Nothing quite compares to the lessons learned from doing, and even failures can build success. Experience is an endless road to becoming better and at Mishimoto, we are constantly drawing on our experience to make better products for our customers. Our latest addition to the Mishimoto … Continue Reading ››

Rival Nature’s Power – Intercooler Pipe R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

Nature is an awe-inspiring force. So much so that we often try to imitate its power. Any time we want to convey monumental strength, we turn to examples in nature. Animals, mountains, oceans, wind and the storms it builds, all have been the inspiration for man-made instruments of power.

The automotive industry is a perfect … Continue Reading ››

Breathing Fresh Air – Intake R&D, Part 5: Prototype Testing

We’ve reached a massive milestone in the development of our 2018+ Jeep JL 2.0T intake. After months of measuring, testing, printing and waiting, we finally have a functional prototype. Although it’s been a long road to get to this point, the development of this intake has also been a breath of fresh air; we’re trying a lot of … Continue Reading ››

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