Speed Evolved – Performance Intake R&D, Part 3 – Production Sample

The evolutionary process happens in stages. We humans didn’t jump to the top of the intellectual food chain overnight. We had to traverse that process through plenty of less advanced stages of ourselves. Now, look at us. Ogling sports cars and figuring out the best ways to improve on them.

Our intake has evolved in stages as well, and we’re now at what is essentially the final stage. No, we don’t expect that our kit will become sentient and form a species of its … Continue Reading ››

For a Flawless Return – Direct-Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 2 – Design and Test Results

Just about every major launch these days is complemented by some unforeseen bug in the system. It’s just the way of the world, and manufacturers are quick to solve these small hiccups with a recall or a software update. Some bugs aren’t easily remedied with a code revision or swapping for updated parts. For many vehicles, including your A90 Supra, blow-by will be an issue no matter the measures taken by Toyota and BMW to prevent it. When it comes to protecting your intake components, the solution requires a hardware upgrade, and we have that hardware.

Heritage Revamped – Baffled oil Catch Can Kit R&D, Part 1

The Corvette is essentially the definition of America's automotive heritage. Sure, there have been some tweaks throughout the years, but for 67 years, Chevrolet has been churning out the basic formula that we Americans crave in a sports car: small block V8, power to the rear wheels, light and nimble in the corners all with an affordable price tag. For the Corvette's 8th generation, it was more than just a tweak with the formula, but rather a reinvention. The mid-engined 'Vette was long-awaited but has finally arrived. However, even starting from the ground up still means contending with … Continue Reading ››

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