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Stock System Evaluation – The FXT Intake, Part 1

Exciting things are happening in the induction world here at Mishimoto. We have a 2014 Subaru Forester XT in for intake R&D. This AWD turbo Subaru comes with a 2.0L power-plant, giving an output of 253 hp from factory. It shares the same FA20 heart with its 2015+ WRX counterpart, so there are some similarities between the two.
Subaru forester parts under analysis

Stock System Review

The stock Forester XT intake system is somewhat similar to the stock WRX intake system, yet featured some differences in shape and size. With both … Continue Reading ››

Dyno Testing and Results – WRX Race Intake, Part 2

It has been a while since we have updated this project, but we now have something for our WRX community! The brief data report below shows our gains with this race intake project and our baseline was a fully stock 2015 WRX with no upgrade or aftermarket tune. The numbers are quite high due to the upgrades already installed on the WRX during testing. These upgrades included our Mishimoto:
  • Downpipe
  • Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Front-Mount Intercooler
  • Custom Engine tune
WRX intake dyno testing
dyno1rContinue Reading ››

R&D Beginnings – WRX Race Intake, Part 1

Team Mishi likes to look out for our Subaru community. If you have been following our engineering blog, then you’ll notice that we have been rolling out a slew of high quality 2015+ parts WRX. One of the biggest products we launched was our bolt-on intake system. Not only did we provide easy power gains, but our system greatly improved sound, and created a large group of very pleased customers. The gains we produced were a result of reduced restrictions compared to the factory system. A great product that supports stock and mildly modified examples. We are now turning our … Continue Reading ››

Mishimoto Subaru Engine Display

Finished Subaru engine display What does one do with a blown Subaru EJ20? We asked this question on one of our social media outlets and had a ton of responses. This included a coffee table, flower pot, speaker system, stove, and even a boat anchor. After spinning a few rod bearings during some dyno testing (this WRX led a pretty rough life), we decided it was time to get creative with the remains. With an upcoming open-house event, we were determined to turn this grimy, beaten engine into a display unit for … Continue Reading ››