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Winterize Your Diesel: How to prepare your truck for the coldest of enemies!

If you’ve faced a winter or two with your diesel truck, you are probably aware of the challenges that lie ahead for this coming season. Proper vehicle preparation is key to reducing vehicle downtime and making sure your truck survives low  temperatures. Although modern trucks are well set up from the factory for cold climates, there are always preventive measures that will make your life a bit easier when the temperature drops. Our team has prepared an in-depth checklist, with the goal that your truck makes it to spring without incurring too much wear.

Boots, Blowouts, and Boost Tubes: How to Build a Reliable CAC Piping System

So, let’s talk boots! No, were not talking about Red Wings, steel toes, or Timberlands. This article is about ensuring that your charge-air cooler boots remain intact and in place to keep your car or truck on the road and out of the garage. So what’s the big deal? You clamp the boot down, and if it blows off you clamp it a bit tighter. While this might be a quick solution, that boot blowout is likely to occur again unless you address the issue properly. If you have a modified car or truck that produces an absurd amount of … Continue Reading ››