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American Workhorse – Part 1: Minimizing Chassis Flex

As a proud American company, Mishimoto is dedicated to supporting our workforce and ensuring that, from a vehicular perspective, we’ve got the best tools possible to stay tough and work hard. That’s why we’ve been hard at work developing a sturdy, heavy-duty upper radiator support bar for the Ford 6.4L Powerstroke truck in hopes that it can still live up to its reputation as the workhorse of America.


A View From Above

Industry, manufacturing, and innovation are the driving forces … Continue Reading ››

Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 4: Testing Data

The testing of our Fiesta ST rear strut brace involved three different driving conditions. Cornering: 30–40 mph, slalom Braking: 50–0 mph, stop with ABS engaged Acceleration: 0–60 mph, full-throttle run Each setup (with and without brace) was tested on the same day on an identical surface and with the same driver. The tests are repeatable and will provide an accurate comparison of rigidity in the rear body portion of our Fiesta.


Check out the plot below to see our testing results.
Fiesta ST performance results
Fiesta ST performance results
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Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 3: Functional Prototype and Test Rig

In our last update, we left you with some mock-up prototype pieces that we used to create and refine our Fiesta ST rear strut brace design. Since then, we’ve worked up a couple of functional prototypes to test our ideas for stiffening the rear of this hot hatch.

Initial Prototypes

We constructed two prototypes of this trunk brace. The first prototype is finished in a black powder coat, and we’ll use this unit to evaluate for aesthetics and fitment. The unfinished (“raw”) prototype is going to be used for testing purposes, meaning it will be modified. First, check out our powder-coated unit bolted … Continue Reading ››

Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 2: Prototype Completion

We left off development with a neat look at our first prototype, when we determined the shape and path of our brace and printed out mounting brackets for each side of the piece. By using specific angles with our square material, we were able to avoid modification of the seat mounting bracket, retain rigidity, and provide a bar that is easily hidden by the rear tray. Our last image showed our fabricator tacking together the material. Below is what we ended up with. Prototype Fiesta ST rear strut brace installed Continue Reading ››

Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 1: Initial Prototype Design

Chassis rigidity is extremely important for on-track handling, response, and feel. Ford provides a well-designed chassis with the Fiesta; however, as you can imagine, there is always room for improvement. Within the short time that this car has been available, the aftermarket has provided some great options, including better dampers, stiffer springs, and thicker sway bars, to enhance handling. Our company will not likely dip into struts or springs, but we are certainly interested in helping stiffen the chassis. Our Mustang EcoBoost front strut tower brace is underway, and we recently launched development of a Fiesta ST rear strut brace. Time … Continue Reading ››