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Beat The Heat! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 4: Initial Prototype Testing

The most exciting part of product R&D is always the testing phase. This typically includes setting up some neat sensors, running the car on the dyno or on the street, and crunching our data. We are anxious to see how our first prototype coolers perform on the Fiesta. Let’s jump right into the plans for this first round of testing.

Testing … Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air For The Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 6: Final Prototype

We are quite excited about the completion of our final prototype intake for the Ford Fiesta ST (FIST)! After months of development, testing, and design work, we are ready to present our final creation. First we will go through each component and cover important details regarding their features.

Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose

Starting at the turbocharger compressor inlet, we have our silicone … Continue Reading ››

Beat The Heat! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 3: Completed Prototypes

We’re back with another update! Our team has been busy constructing our functional Ford Fiesta ST (FIST) intercooler prototypes, putting a lot of work into the R&D design stages, and now we get to see if it pay off. Enough of the wait, lets jump right into some images of our five prototype coolers. Continue Reading ››

Beat The Heat. Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 2: First Prototype 3D Models

Time for another update on our intercooler project! Last time we left off with a foam intercooler core and some cool 3D-printed end tanks. This update is a bit more exciting!

Mock Up Prototype

With both the tanks printed and our core cut to shape, we could mate these pieces to check fitment of our existing design. Continue Reading ››

Beat The Heat! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 1: Big Plans for a Little Car

We’ve discussed R&D for many of our typical product segments for the Fiesta ST. These include our in-progress aluminum radiator, our already released catch can kit and oil cooler solution, as well as our nearly complete intake system and exhaust components (both cat-back and downpipe). Our company is also known for its strong line of heat exchangers, so we certainly … Continue Reading ››