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Fresh Air For The Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 5: Prototype Dyno Testing

Dyno preparation for Fiesta ST parts testing
Dyno preparation for Fiesta ST parts testing
Testing day has finally arrived and it’s time to see how our new Fiesta ST parts perform! After weeks of prototype design and fabrication, we have our first prototype Ford Fiesta ST intake system ready for dyno testing. Our first round of product testing is being conducted for two reasons: First, we want to evaluate power output. Our initial post explained that we were skeptical about making power with our intake. The Fiesta is a MAP-based … Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air for the Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 4: Airbox Design and Fabrication

We’re getting closer to dyno testing! Our intake piping and turbo inlet hose are now complete. A well-designed airbox is the last portion of our intake design before we begin performance testing. The airbox will provide a shield for the filter to reduce the impact of engine bay heat. It also allows us to create a volume for cold air to enter from the stock duct, routing directly to our filter. The airbox design was pretty extensive for this project, so this is a long post. Sit back, crack open your favorite beverage, and read on!

Airbox Fabrication

We started this process with … Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air for the Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 3: Making a Silicone Inlet Hose

This is a pretty cool post, something a bit out of the ordinary for our projects. We typically utilize our existing silicone boots in our intercooler kits, intake systems, etc. For this project, we decided to manufacture the first portion of our intake system from a wire-reinforced silicone hose. This would facilitate an easier installation, and it would also provide a smooth airflow transition from the small turbocharger compressor inlet to our intake’s large pipe diameter. Since we like to show you what goes into developing our prototypes, check out the process for creating our silicone turbo inlet hose below!

Printing … Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air for the Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 2: Prototype Piping Fabrication

Now that we had a ton of information and data points for the stock intake system, it was time to begin creating our own design.

Piping Fabrication

We’re starting our intake system at the turbocharger and working to the airbox. We intend to place our box in the same location as the stock unit so we can take advantage of the stock cold-air duct. We switched on the band saw, fired up the welder, and started tackling the route for our prototype pipe. Our first length runs from the turbocharger around to the rear of the valve cover. Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air for the Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 1: Stock Intake & Data Collection

Automotive passion has evolved over the years, and is still very much alive and well. A lot of this is a result of automakers continually bringing us the best in technology, innovation, and performance. Some will complain that modern automobiles are numb, boring, and full of complicated electronics and gizmos. Whatever your take on this is, one thing is certain. People still love cars, and the impulse to modify vehicles is as strong as it has ever been. Take the Fiesta ST for example. A compact hatchback, front-wheel drive, economical vehicle. A few bolt-on modifications can turn this into a tire-shredding, … Continue Reading ››