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The Rise to Power – Downpipe R&D, Part 2: A Working Prototype

Downpipes are a choke point in many turbocharged vehicles when it comes to exhaust flow. As opposed to naturally aspirated cars, less serious thought needs to go into the size of the exhaust piping. In most cases the system just needs to be bigger in diameter, maximizing what you can within the alotted design space. The downpipe on the Camaro 2.0T’s LTG engine is a restrictive point in the exhaust system, a conclusion brought about by our testing. The point of emphasis is the rate at which exhaust gases are expelled out of the turbocharger. That flow is very important to … Continue Reading ››

The Rise to Power – Downpipe R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

I think we can all agree that the past couple weeks have been quite eventful here in the United States.

Regardless of which political candidate you supported, it’s time to move on and unify now that our election has concluded. Whether or not we’re happy about the outcome, we – as a society – need to be working together now. But certain Facebook friends can’t seem to figure that out. You all know the one(s). Regardless of their political allegiances, they flood our news feeds with statuses high in pressure and often full of hot air. It’s … Continue Reading ››

Downpipe for What – Fiesta ST Downpipe R&D, Part 3: Final Prototype

We are back with more on our Fiesta ST downpipe project. We know you are long overdue for an update, so we’ll dive right in. After fabrication, we read that some other aftermarket downpipes for the Fiesta ST weren’t as successful at making power as downpipes typically are on other applications. We still wanted to test our downpipe designs to see the data for ourselves, and decide if the downpipe was worth manufacturing for the Fiesta ST. After testing was completed, the data confirmed our suspicions that the Fiesta ST is pretty darn efficient on its own, and the addition of … Continue Reading ››

Downpipe for What – Downpipe R&D, Part 2: Creating the Prototypes

In our last post we took a look at the stock Fiesta ST downpipe as well as our slotted flange design based on the stock flange. We are still planning to create both a catted downpipe and a non-catted downpipe for race applications, so let’s take a look at the progress!

Downpipe Design

After fitting the flange to the turbo, we began to piece together the rest of the downpipe coming off the flange and meeting with the exhaust. Both our designs feature a slotted flange that bolts to the turbo, in addition to a flex pipe near where they meet with … Continue Reading ››

Downpipe for What – Downpipe R&D, Part 1: Initial Fabrication

Introduction and the Stock Downpipe

Another addition to the Fiesta ST collection! Our Fiesta build is coming along nicely, and I am happy to announce some progress on our downpipe project. As with any R&D undertaking the first step is to take a look at the stock setup and see how it can be improved.
blog shot 1
Stock Fiesta ST downpipe
Although Ford has a pretty nice design, we are planning to make it a bit better by increasing the diameter of the downpipe to 3” throughout. As opposed to the … Continue Reading ››