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Turn Up the Volume – Cat-Back Exhaust R&D, Part 2: Sound Testing

In our last post we took a good look at the stock Fiesta ST exhaust and the initial design of our cat-back exhaust. The exhaust was fabricated and installed on the car and then it was time to test the stock system. exhaust post 5

To Resonate or Not to Resonate

Getting the sound just right was quite a process. Our initial prototype featured 2.5” piping with a single rear muffler. This design did not feature a resonated mid-pipe unlike the stock unit. The initial design was sound tested on the dyno and also test driven … Continue Reading ››

Turn up the Volume – Cat-Back Exhaust R&D, Part 1: Initial Fabrication

As many of you are aware, here at Mishimoto we have been going Fiesta crazy developing various Fiesta ST parts such as; Up next is something that the team here has been very eager to start development on, the Fiesta ST Cat-Back Exhaust! We are excited to let you in on the details of the development of our first prototype. As with any exhaust project, we are shooting for improvement in flow over stock as well as a great … Continue Reading ››