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Pipe Down! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 5: Prototype Testing

We are nearing the completion of this project. Our engineering team is ready for dyno testing that will verify any power gains made with our larger-diameter intercooler piping. Exactly how much larger is the piping we designed? Fiesta ST charge pipe volume comparison hot side Fiesta ST … Continue Reading ››

Pipe Down! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 4: Prototype Test Fit

A few weeks ago we completed our first set of prototype pipes. After a quick evaluation by our team, it was time for a vehicle test fit. Last week we set our Fiesta ST (FIST) up on a lift and began swapping the stock piping for our components. First, the hot-side pipe was bolted into place. Continue Reading ››

Say No to Plastic – Coolant Expansion Tank, Post 2: Final Prototype

It has been a while since we took a look at what is going on in the world of the Fiesta expansion tank. In our last post we test fitted our 3D-printed prototype on the Fiesta ST. After fitment was confirmed, we played the waiting game for our final prototype’s arrival at our development facility. Our best efforts at being … Continue Reading ››

Pipe Down! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 3: First Prototype Evaluation

Good news! Our first prototype intercooler pipe kit is complete. We can now evaluate both fitment and functionality on our Fiesta. Let’s take a look at each pipe we created.

Prototype Cold-Side

First we have the more complex pipe of the pair, the cold-side. Fiesta ST charge pipe prototype Continue Reading ››

Pipe Down. Mishimoto Fiesta ST Charge Pipe R&D, Part 2: Cold-Side Prototype Fabrication

Stock Cold-Side Features

We had it pretty easy during the design phase of our hot-side intercooler pipe. A simple design with relatively common features, not overly complicated. The cold-side is a different story.
Stock Fiesta ST charge pipe
Stock Fiesta ST charge pipe
As you can see, this pipe features a … Continue Reading ››