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GTO Oil Cooler R&D, Part 4: Temperature and Pressure Testing

Before completing this project, we need to evaluate the performance benefits of adding this GTO oil cooler. We are confident that our cooler location is receiving ample airflow, so we should see a nice drop in oil temperatures.

Test Conditions and Apparatus

We have two different tests to conduct for this particular kit. First, we will record temperature and pressure data to determine the improvement in efficiency. To provide accurate data, we need to ensure that our process is repeatable and reduces as many variables as possible. Conditions ·         Driving: 65 mph highway cruise ·         Time: 5 minutes ·         Ambient temperature: 68°–75°F ·         No thermostat installed Apparatus ·         AEM AQ-1 … Continue Reading ››

GTO Oil Cooler R&D, Part 3: Line Route and Thermostat Inclusion

Any efficient oil cooler setup needs proper regulation if the vehicle is going to see street use. As many know, cold oil can be just as harmful as oil that is overheated. Allowing engine oil to come up to temperature prior to romping on the throttle is a wise move that will extend the life of your GTO LS. Ideally, you would want the oil at operating temperature as soon as the key is turned. This is typically not possible on a first start, but the quicker it arrives at operating temperature the better. This is why we are including … Continue Reading ››

GTO Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2: Oil Cooler Bracket Fabrication

In our last post, we selected an ideal location to mount our cooler, so now we need to develop and fabricate a set of brackets to rigidly mount our large 25-row heat exchanger. For this task, we have a full fabrication shop and many bright minds at our disposal.

GTO Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket Fabrication

We opted to utilize the upper grille ducts shown in our last post, which should provide ample airflow to the heat exchanger. With more airflow hitting the core, we should see impressive heat transfer. We began this project by capturing measurements and dimensions from the points where we … Continue Reading ››

Pontiac GTO Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Oil Adapter and Initial Development

We reached out to the forums earlier this month with a request for a GTO owner to lend us his vehicle for product development. The response was substantial. Our inbox quickly filled with messages from enthusiasts willing to help out. We got a similar response last year when we developed an aluminum radiator for the goat. Before jumping into this GTO oil cooler product development, we want to extend a huge thank you to the GTO community for supporting us and for offering recommendations on new projects and product design.

The Test Subject

Our test vehicle came all the way from New … Continue Reading ››

2004–2006 Pontiac GTO Performance Aluminum Radiator Development

Want to see all the product details? Check out our product page linked below!

Mishimoto Pontiac GTO Performance Aluminum Radiator

Product Introduction and Goals
Our team has received numerous requests for a reasonably priced, high-performance aluminum radiator for the new-age Pontiac GTO. After reviewing the project and evaluating the current offerings available, we found a vacancy in the market. Our target would be to design a direct-fit unit that provides additional cooling and reliability over the stock radiator with plastic end tanks, while still maintaining a reasonable price point. Although it was available for only a few years in the States, the … Continue Reading ››