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Power through Deletion. 2015 WRX TGV Delete Kit, Part 4: Product Testing

We’ve got some interesting plans to evaluate the performance benefits of our TGV delete kit. In addition, we want to evaluate any appreciable differences in terms of air temperature between the two materials (aluminum and Delrin) we have selected for our prototypes.

Test Preparation

For our first assessment, we will evaluate airflow temperatures in both materials during dyno testing. The goal here … Continue Reading ››

Power through Deletion. 2015 WRX TGV Delete Kit, Part 3: First Prototypes

We’re back with another quick update on our TGV delete project for the 2015+ WRX. After designing our initial models and then 3D-printing a prototype for test fitting, we worked up a couple functional prototypes for on-car testing.

First Prototype Images

Check out a few images of our functional prototype deletes! Mishimoto’s 2015 … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Power Through Deletion. 2015 WRX TGV Delete Kit, Part 2: 3D-Printed Prototype Test Fit

3D-Printed Prototypes

To confirm the dimensions and design of our prototype, we decided to utilize some of our rapid prototyping tools. We fired up our 3D printer and loaded the model. Check out a couple images showing the progress of the print. 3D-printing 2015 WRX parts 3D-printing 2015 … Continue Reading ››

Power Through Deletion. 2015 WRX TGV Delete Kit, Part 1: Design and 3D Prototypes

It’s been nearly two years since our first 2015 WRX development vehicle rolled into the shop. We’ve had a lot of fun with the car, and our team has developed a multitude of awesome components to aid in cooling, elevate power, and improve styling. Our product line is essentially complete, meaning we are done wrenching on our WRX. This is … Continue Reading ››

Does The WRX Need An Upgraded Intercooler? Part 6: Air Shroud Design and Testing

Interested in purchasing our 2015 WRX top-mount intercooler kit? Check out more details on our product page linked below!

Mishimoto Subaru WRX Performance Top-Mount Intercooler and Charge-Pipe System

As noted in our previous post, we decided to design a shroud that would channel airflow more efficiently through the core of our intercooler. Because our cooler features a larger footprint, the stock … Continue Reading ››