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Everyday Hero – Direct Fit Catch Can R&D Part 1 – Concept and Design

Every superhero has a weakness or villain thwarting them at every turn. Superman has those glowing alien rocks. Batman is constantly putting out fires both figuratively and literally set by some deranged clown, and the internal combustion engine has its respiratory system clogged up by its own lifeblood. Yes, we’re talking about blow-by. Granted, carbon buildup from blow-by might not seem as serious as the threat of a supervillain, but it’s an affliction that affects every engine out there, even your new Honda Accord. IMG_2301 The 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T might not be flying … Continue Reading ››

Daditude – Performance Intake Development Part 1 – Stock Review

Since its inception in 1976, the Honda Accord hasn’t exactly screamed performance. In fact, for the longest time it has carried the stigma as the typical family sedan. That image has started to fade in recent years as the Accord developed somewhat of an attitude with the 8th and 9th generation, especially when it comes to the Sport trim V6 models. In fact, Road and Track made the bold claim that the 9th generation was the last true American muscle car. While the Accord is improving on its bad boy image, there is still work to be done toward … Continue Reading ››

InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D, Part 6 – Dyno Testing Results

Investing in an intercooler shows some similarities to going to college. Hear me out. When that acceptance letter arrives, it’s understood that there’s a lot of money about to be spent as a down payment on the future. Some of us might have held a job or two while in school, but the general idea is complete your degree, and get your dream job, or at least something that is enough to pay off those loans. 020818_NLT_CTR_Dyno_WEB_3 A bigger intercooler is an investment in your Civic Type R’s future, especially for those who are … Continue Reading ››

InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D, Part 5 – Piping Production Sample

It goes without saying that the intercooling system is an integral part of any turbocharged vehicle. What’s the sense of trying to cram more air into the cylinders if it can’t be compressed that easily. In fact, that almost defeats the entire point of having a turbo installed on your engine. For those of you who have a craving to crank up the heat on your hot-Honda by lowering your intake temps, we already devised a solution for you. However, much like how your CTR transports you from A to B, your chilled charged air still requires a delivery method. [caption … Continue Reading ››

InterCOOLactic Planetary – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit R&D Part 4 – Intercooler Production Sample

When it comes to shopping for an upgraded intercooler, the first thing any of us look for is the temperature drop figure. For our new design, that information has still yet to come. For now, we’ll focus on the next most interesting specification, which, naturally, is the size of the core. In the case of our new core, that number is 1003mm³. That might just look like a number, but compared to the stock unit, it’s a 169% increase in size. One-hundred and sixty nine percent. Crushed it. 020518_NLT_CTR_INT_WEB_10 How does the number compare, … Continue Reading ››