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2012+ Honda Civic Si Induction Hose Development

If you follow our engineering blog you may have noticed some recent attention on the 8th-generation Civic Si. Well, we aren’t making a push for just this generation. We also want to dive into the 9th-generation and develop some unique new parts to improve this awesome car. Our first project will be quite simple: to produce a Civic Si induction hose that replaces the stock rubber unit. This upgrade provides improved durability as well as pleasing aesthetics for those seeking some engine bay style. We have seen slight power increases with intake hoses developed in the past, so we will be … Continue Reading ››

350Z Silicone Intake Hose R&D, Part 1: Stock Hose and Silicone Prototype

We recently designed a performance intake system for the 2003–2006 Nissan 350Z. This included an airbox and filter that attaches to the end of the stock mass airflow (MAF) housing. Our results were positive in that we achieved a significant improvement in intake sound, and we increased power output by 10 whp and 13 wtq without any additional tuning. Check out the R&D coverage of our intake here: http://engineering.mishimoto.com/?cat=294. This project is not so much performance oriented but is intended to add reliability and additional aesthetic appeal to the intake system on the Z. To start this project, we rolled our … Continue Reading ››

Stock System Review – Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

This brand new Camaro has been quite the buzz in the world of muscle cars. If you haven’t viewed it already, we break down this new SS in great detail in our video review series on our engineering blog. You should check it out! 2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series On to the intake. We want to help free up some of that airflow, as these cars have been restrictive in the past. However, Chevy does have an interesting stock intake design for this 6th-generation Camaro. Let’s dive into it.

Stock System Overview

IMG_0532rContinue Reading ››

The Final Product – MK7 GTI Induction, Part 4

Great news from the Mishimoto garage! We have tested and fitted the final iteration of our airbox design for this prototype MK7 intake. We made some minor adjustments for fitment and ease of installation, but more on that later. This has been an interesting project from the start because of the uniqueness of this box design – check it out!

Final Intake System

Once this prototype system was ready to go, we prepared it for final fitting into the MK7. The next step is paint! The final products will be powder coated, with the intake pipe color options ranging from wrinkle black/red powdercoat … Continue Reading ››

Prototype Sound Clips – ND Miata Intake, Part 3

We want to be absolutely sure we are designing an intake that will provide what the MX-5 enthusiasts crave from such a product – sound, throttle response, looks, and of course, driving feel and performance. Our prototype is still in the testing process so we do not have dyno results quite yet. Instead, to hold everyone over till our next, more substantial update, we have some sound clips of the prototype being tested on our Dynapack. Keep in mind, this is just a prototype and does not feature any finalized production-quality components. We just wanted to … Continue Reading ››